2019-20 Parent Safety Training Sessions

Parent U: Safety Training Sessions for Parents: 2019-20
Posted on 09/11/2019

Parent U logoRRPS District Training Center, 500 Laser Rd. NE, Rio Rancho 6:30 p.m.

The safety of our schools is always a top priority and a joint responsibility shared by students, staff members, parents, and the community.  By working together, we can make sure our schools provide a healthy and safe environment for teaching and learning.

Please join us for a series of classes designed to help parents learn about some of the hazards young people face, and ways they can help to keep our schools, and their children, safe.

Sandoval County Sheriff, Rio Rancho Police, RRPS logos

 Examples of JUULs
Thursday, September 12: E-Cigarettes, JUULs and Drug Recognition
RRPS Safety & Security and Rio Rancho Police Department

This session will familiarize parents with the new trends emerging around e- cigarette and JUUL use among teens. In addition, it will help parents recognize and identify behaviors or signs that indicate their child or their child's friends may be experimenting with drugs, what methods or interventions parents can use to help prevent drug use, and overall awareness of drug use among kids.

 Be SMART logo

Thursday, October 24: Be SMART Gun Safety
Be SMART for Kids, RRPS Safety & Security, Rio Rancho Police Department, Sandoval County Sheriff’s Office

This presentation focuses on gun safety in the home and commonsense steps we can all take to reduce gun injuries and deaths among children.

 Suicide prevention logo Tuesday, October 29: Suicide Awareness

RRPS Safety & Security, Rio Rancho Police Department, and Sandoval County Sheriff's Department

This session is designed to help parents recognize and prevent the signs of depression that can lead to suicide, and to help parents know what to do when they recognize the signs of depression in their son or daughter. It will include a panel discussion and presentation by the participating organizations, as well as an opportunity for parents to ask questions.

 Run Hide Fight active shooter defense sign

Thursday, November 7: Active Shooter Training
RRPS Safety & Security, Rio Rancho Police Department, Sandoval County Sheriff’s Office

This session will provide survival techniques in the event of an active shooter. We will also highlight the importance of reporting strange or inappropriate behaviors your child or child’s friends may be exhibiting. 

 Rio Rancho HS parking lot

Thursday, January 16: Teen Driving and Law Enforcement Encounters
RRPS Safety & Security and Rio Rancho Police Department

This session will acquaint parents with teen driving and common issues or concerns. In addition, parents will learn about the procedures police officers use in different encounters, what parents or their children can expect and how they can respond to these encounters. 

 Suicide prevention ribbon Thursday, January 30: Suicide Prevention
RRPS Safety & Security, RRPS Counselors and Rio Rancho Police Department

New Mexico has the 4th highest suicide rate in America with suicide as the 2nd leading cause of death for those ages 15-34.  

During this course, participants will complete a QPR Gatekeeper Training for suicide prevention. QPR stands for Question, Persuade, and Refer — the 3 simple steps anyone can learn to help save a life from suicide.

As a QPR-trained Gatekeeper you will learn to:

  • Recognize the warning signs of suicide
  • Know how to offer hope
  • Know how to get help and save a life
 drawing of back of kid with backpack Thursday, February 27: Trauma Informed Schools
RRPS Counselors

What are the effects of unhealed trauma in students and adults? How can we address the healing of trauma in ourselves and others? How does this affect our long-term mental health and our attachments to others? These questions and more will be presented and discussed during this session. 

 No bullies sign

Thursday, March 12: Bullying
RRPS Counselors

This session will help you, as a parent, understand bullying, recognize the signs your child or child’s friend is being bullied or is bullying another student, and the consequences of bullying. 

 Cyber Safety sign

Thursday, April 23: Cyber Safety
RRPS Safety and Security and Rio Rancho Police Department

This presentation covers potential internet threats, how to prevent internet crimes against children and solutions to issues such as cyberbullying, and online predators. Parents will learn how they can help keep their child safe when he or she is online.