Elementary School Programs

Children today are getting ready for a changing world with more technology, and more options about when and where to work. Businesses tell us, more need to work cooperatively with others (Rocket scientists say that the people in change of fuel need to talk to the people in charge of design). Education needs to keep pace, and children’s attitudes about their competence as learners and their ability to get along with others is a key to their future.
Rio Rancho Schools is dedicated to…
The professional elementary school counselors is a big piece of the action.
We impact academics. How?
  1. We teach life skills that enhance students’ ability to learn.
    • Decision making to increase ability to set and step-up to goals.
    • Problem-solving skills to help kids focus on solutions rather than blame.
    • Understanding of self and others, which has been linked to ability to make friends and get along with others.
  2. We work with teachers and parents to help individual students make gains they need.
    • We consult on strategies to enhance the ability to learn.
    • We help identify students needing additional assistance and then we help to find it.
    • We help identify personal factors that get in the way of learning and help families and students cope with these issues.
  3. We help students get ready for the world of work.
    • We provide career awareness.
    • We help kids understand how their current learning and interests link to future work and opportunities.
    • We help students develop leadership skills, with programs like Conflict Mediation, Student Council, etc.