Frequently Asked Questions

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Vision: Find and develop the potential in every student

Mission: Rio Rancho Public Schools is dedicated to graduating each student with an educational foundation for success as a responsible, ethical contributor to society.


  • Contact Administration
    SCHOOLSEvery school's web site has their phone/fax numbers under their name at the top of each page.  Every site also has a "Contact Us" button in their side-navigation that should list administrators and support staff (Counselors, Nurse, etc.) and how to contact them. 

    DISTRICT: Either click the "About Us" button in the side navigation, or use the "Contact Us" menu item at the top of any page and click on "Quick Feedback Form".
  • Send a question or comment to the district
    Use the Contact Us menu item at the top of any page, then click on "Quick Feedback Form" to submit a comment or question to the district office.  We also have separate email addresses for the School Board and District Office on the "About Us" page (in the left navigation).
  • Contact a teacher
    After logging in, click on "My Family" (lower-left) to see all your child's teachers listed in the page that opens. Just click their name to open that teacher's profile page, and type your message into their Message Box.  All messages are sent securely through the web site and do not rely on your email system (added security).
  • Get or Fix the emergency calls from the district/school
    Open the Parents menu at the top of any page, then click on "Emergency Calling System" to get information how to make sure you're getting the emergency notification calls from the school or district, OR how to stop receiving these calls if you are unnecessarily being called.
  • Search or Apply for a Job
    Visit the Human Resources Department and use the Recruit & Hire tool to check out the latest listings!
  • District Demographics
    Need to know statistics about our district or individual schools?  View demographic information here.  You can alsoview Boundary information here, or use this tool to find out what school your children will attend.  There are links to these items under the District menu item in the top menu.


  • View my child's grades
    For students grades 6-12, your child's grades and attendance information is on a different site called 'PowerSchool'. Open the Parent drop-down menu at the top of any page, then click the first button "PowerSchool". The page that opens has instructions on how to access and create your parent account on the PowerSchool site and the SchoolFusion site (this site - the main site for the district). For students grades K-5, contact your child's teacher.
  • Find educational resources for my child
    We have an amazing collection of educational sites, search utilities and more in our "Online Resource Directory"!Mouse-over the District menu at the top of any page, then choose "Online Resource Directory". Students can search for information in safety using these academically approved sites and resources!


  • View the lunch menu
    Open the Parents drop-down menu at the top of any page, then mouse-over "Student Services", then click on "Food Services Home" to view the breakfast and lunch menu calendar (and other information).


  • Download athletic or fine arts (band/orchestra) forms
    For athletic forms, use the Parent menu at the top, then click on "Health and Sports Forms".  

    For band/orchestra forms, click the "Departments" menu in the left navigation bar, then click to open the Fine Arts category, then click on Fine Arts to open that department page.  Near the bottom of that page is a complete listing of forms.


  • Find out what school my children will attend (bus information)
    Open the Parents menu at the top of any page, then mouse-over Transportation, then click on "What School Will My Child Attend?". This will open a page where you can enter your address and a grade level to find out your school of attendance and whether or not your child will ride a bus. 

    Specific information about bus stops can be obtained from your child's school or by calling the Transportation department (338-0078).
  • Interactive Google Maps
    We have Google maps for Elementary, Middle and High schools you can use to view exactly what school boundary your house is in!


  • Enroll my child in the Before and After School program
    Open the Parents menu at the top of any page, then mouse-over "Student Services", then click on "Before and After School Program".  There you can see the rates, schedules, forms, and who to contact for more information.
  • Find out about Dress Code (or other policies)
    You can also find it in the Parents menu at the top, then mouse-over "Student Services", then click on "Dress Code Policy".
  • Read All District Policies
    You can open the District menu at the top of any page and click on "School Board & Policies" to view any of our policies.